Instructions for Student Scholarship Applicants

Advanced graduate students, post-doctoral students, female and under-represented minority students, and students with disabilities are encouraged to apply for scholarships. Individuals who have received a student scholarship to attend a prior IHCON conference are not eligible. Student scholarships will provide a travel stipend and cover accommodations within the room block reserved for students at Granlibakken. The number of scholarships awarded per laboratory or research group may be limited, depending on the availability of funds. Applicants for student scholarships from the UK should check the box on the Scholarship Application Form stating that they are applying for both the Action on Hearing Loss scholarship and the NIH scholarship. Applicants who are not from the UK should leave this box unchecked. The application deadline for student scholarships is May 13, 2016, the same as the deadline for abstract submission. Do not expect the submission deadline to be extended.

All student applicants must complete the Conference Registration Form and the Scholarship Application Form. In addition to the name, address, and institutional affiliation blocks, each applicant is requested to provide a description of their interest and/or research in hearing aids or related areas, and their reason for attending IHCON. Applicants are also required to provide the name, title, affiliation, and email address of a faculty member who will write an email letter sponsoring the student’s application for scholarship support. The sponsorship letter should be emailed to the Conference Coordinator at Receipt of this electronic form will be acknowledged by return email, using the email address you provide on the scholarship application form.

All student scholarship applicants are required to submit an abstract using the Abstract Submission Form for a presentation at IHCON. Applicants for student scholarships will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the Steering Committee, and will include representatives of the international research community. All scholarship applicants will receive acceptance/rejection notification no later than June 17, 2016.

IHCON scholars will be assigned student housing outside of the regular room allocation for all conference participants at Granlibakken. If you are a student applying for a scholarship and are willing to pay and attend the conference even if not awarded the scholarship, you should file an Accommodation reservation with Granlibakken. This will be the surest way to provide space for all conference participants.